Friday, May 7, 2010


i Love my job. We r all diffrent n character and i love all the great people and characters i meet while working at City Trendz. LAREDO is full of talented and unique individuals. i try my hardest not to judge anyone and i hope no one judges me by my random blog posts. i jus like to share my feelings and experiences with everyone especially interactions i have at the shop. this week i was talking to a customer, an oldschool homie of mine and he is like yea my brother wears all "these clothes" he tries to be all black by wearing baggy stuff. I hesitated at first but i responded so are you trying to be white or gay by wearing a tight hollister shirt...luckily he is my homie so i opened up his mind a lil more to not judge anyone or put a title on anyone by the way they dress. Also during the week i had a dude here explaining how he likes to be the only one wearing stuff and doesnt like seeing other people copy his swag. The funny thing is he was a wearing a red cincinatti hat that im sure lids, champs and other hat stores have sold hundreds in laredo alone and dude had on some black converse and we all know converse are over just like the mohawk. Now aint nothing wrong with that but is that really being fresh or walking what u talk. here at citytrendz we will strive to keep u FRESH and not get saturated that is one of the main reasons we dont usually carry too much of the same style or color. we get new stuff weekly. WE STRIVE ON KEEPING IT FRESH

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