Thursday, April 22, 2010

random thoughts

since its a blog i will randomly be putting thoughts or shop experiences or jus talk my a$$ off :). yesterday i had someone tell me we are too far in the mall. i have heard this before n trust me ldo im working on it. at first it had me thinking maybe we are. throughout our journey we have heard stuff like we should move to the mall, we are too small but then i was like damn we just love to complain and see the negative before we see the positive. before it was we didnt have a hiphop shop, we had no store that did local events or help the rap comunity promote their cds n etc. LAREDO WE R HERE FOR U GUYS. i want everyone to know we r trying our best to grow and we r slowly growing. we have a small location right now but we strive n work our buts off for u laredo and we sincerely THANK U FOR DA SUPPORT. we cannot do it without your support. we r alive laredo. there is a place locals can sell their cds and promote their music. there is a place that supports the urban lifestyle fashion music n art. i was sitting here thinking sometimes we r overlooked. we were the 1st to have ed hardy denim in the mall before it got saturated n fakes went all over. we r the first in the mall to bring u brands like supra,crooks n castles,mishka,the hundreds,im king,krew,creative rec,alife and i can keep going. we also had brands like sullen and rogue status before another store got them. LAREDO PLEASE DONT OVERLOOK US WE GOT WHATS HOT N WE GET IT BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE DOES. yesterday i met the owners of an urban shop coming into the mall. dudes were cool and open. they even bought some stuff n were freaked to see such dope brands n my knowledge on the streetwear. they were happy to see laredo growing and i thought damn LAREDO WE R GROWING..THANK U LDO !!!!!

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