Friday, April 23, 2010

support local! another thought

I guess now that I run a local business I look more into stuff like...WE NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER NOT ONLY N TALENT N MOTIVATE EACH OTHER BUT N BUSINESS. For example ever think about stopping at that corner store before u go to heb n make mr heb richer when he dont know u or does he care. HE IS RICH JUST GETTING RICHER. when maybe u go to school with the son of the owner of the corner store right by u. I SOMETIMES OR SHOULD I SAY MOSTLY WILL PICK A LOCAL RESTAURANT OVER A PLACE LIKE MC DONALDS OR CHILIS or etc. I mean, I do support the employees needing a job n do eat at big chains but just a thought maybe next time instead of getting that coke at stripes maybe stop at the locally owned tiendita thats even closer or gettin pan de dulce at panos instead of heb LOL.

I RECENTLY READ DIS QUOTE BUT DONT KNOW WHO'S IT IS...Be the change u want to see in others!!!!

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